20 Nov 2023

UK Insurance and Investment Company

Our customer provides retirement, annuity and investment products and are part of a larger insurance and financial services group. They were early users of SeeBeyond JCAPS, an integration platform that was purchased by Sun and then acquired by Oracle.

Much of the internal resources and knowledge around JCAPS had dispersed, including at Oracle itself. Integrella had already been supporting some of the JCAPS sites of the group, and were then brought in to help support the retirement arm when their systems became unstable and were giving poor performance. We sent one of our consultants to stabilise the platform and he identified the issues which were causing poor performance.

Shortly afterwards, EU directives required some changes in their JCAPS functionality and they contacted Integrella to provide JCAPS development resource. One of our consultants was with them for several months to complete this work, which lead on to a longer relationship.

At the time of writing this case study, they’re in a position where the JCAPS platform is reaching end of life, and support will be withdrawn by Oracle early in 2017. This means that the company needs someone to advise them on their options, and they’ll need to have a new platform in place to ensure uninterrupted service.

The Solution

Integrella proposed a solution of a migration from JCAPS to Oracle SOA Suite, where a migration toolset is available to convert around 65% of the code. We subsequently set about undertaking a pilot project to convert their largest application to prove the process. Having gained the results, we provided a proposal to convert all JCAPS code to Oracle SOA Suite.

Shortly after this an internal group decision was taken to standardise on MuleSoft ESB, and Integrella provided a proposal to build new Mule applications to replicate what JCAPS was doing. This is not straightforward as few JCAPS applications have any documentation and a certain amount of reverse engineering is necessary to understand the complexities involved.

Some time later, this decision was reversed and the company decided that JCAPS will be replaced with entirely new applications built upon micro services, Java 8, Spring and other rapid development tools in an agile fashion. Integrella has been invited to participate in the early stages of this approach as a key partner.

The customer commented that Integrella’s flexibility was a key factor in the decision for them to work with us. They felt that the fact that we are familiar with most integration technologies makes us a valuable partner in their IT integration projects.

Why Integrella?

Integrella is a specialist IT services company with extensive experience across UK sectors. Our services include consulting, development, delivery, support and resourcing. We deliver our solutions by partnering with top vendors in the industry.

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