20 Nov 2023

Integrella creates unique digital product for The Havens

The Havens are a group of sexual assault referral centres. They offer specially trained, experienced professionals who provide medical help and advice, counselling and practical and emotional support to those in need. They are managed by King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The service is commissioned and jointly funded by NHS England and the Metropolitan Police Service.

The Havens are located across three acute London hospitals: King’s College Hospital, St. Charles Hospital and the Royal London. However, they also work with external health, statutory and voluntary sector agencies.

Havencare is the application used by clinicians and examiners to help process, record and manage clients arriving to the clinics. The application contained a database for collected forensic evidence, client information and managing appointments.

The Project

Integrella were brought in by The Havens admin team to develop the havencare application in 2022.

We were initially tasked with investigating the previous havencare application and then developing a backlog of fixes and improvements which could be used to enhance the application further.

At the start of the project, Integrella took on the code base from a previous incumbent without a technical summary. KCH were not supplied with a satisfactory handover from previous suppliers, which meant we began work with limited documentation and information from the preceding developers.

The project team completed over 200 tickets during the entire timeline, whilst also establishing a new set of best practices for the SDLC (software development lifecycle) and ways of working together.


The Results

Integrella led on key changes to the havencare application. This included end to end software development lifecycle management and technical support. We worked on every stage of the journey from requirement, design, coding and testing to release.

Separately, we also handled all technical issues that could potentially have led to the disruption of the havencare application, or its functions. This was done through utilising our 2nd / 3rd Tier Help Desk with appropriate processes and personnel.

We managed fixes and improvements which affected every module within the application. This included reviewing user options, changing user interfaces, and fixing bugs.

New functionality that was developed included the Client Summary screen, which was significantly expanded to include additional client information.

Exhibit Lists were also improved to accommodate the recording of clinical notes and non-swab exhibit types, and eForm builder was reworked, enabling previously redundant options.