Digital Transformation

25 Feb 2022

[VIDEO] Questions to consider before running your API Pilot

In the second video of our ‘How to run an API Pilot’ series, Shaz is going to discuss the key

16 Feb 2022

[VIDEO] What Is An API Pilot?

Getting up and running with APIs is an important part of the journey to digital. However, you might be wondering

6 Jan 2022

[VIDEO] BMW vs Tesla – What Digital Transformation Lessons Can We Learn?

In this short video we give you our favourite analogy for API production approaches, involving two motoring giants. Horizontal or

16 Dec 2021

[VIDEO] The Benefits Of APIs

What are the benefits of APIs? Understand how APIs will help your organisation on the journey to digital. This is

15 Dec 2021

[VIDEO] How To Start Your Journey To Digital?

How do you start your journey to digital? Get some top tips from Shaz, recorded in a recent webinar.   This

23 Nov 2021

[VIDEO] What Do We Mean By Digital Transformation?

Everyone says it, but what do they really mean? Find out what we mean when we talk about Digital Transformation:

15 Apr 2021

Are you an NHS Trust looking to automate your ERS processes?

We’ve started doing work with an NHS Trust around the automation of the processes of their Electronic Referral System (ERS). Typically, most

31 Mar 2021

NICE Actimize: here to solve your toughest risk and compliance challenges

With the scale of financial crimes growing each year (around £479 million was lost in 2020 to scams where people

3 Jan 2021

[VIDEO] Why Is Digital Transformation So Difficult?

In this video we unpack some typical reasons digital transformation is so difficult.

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