Digital Integration

3 Apr 2024

Integration is essential to companies venturing into AI

As AI continues to permeate various industries, integration companies play a crucial role in supporting clients who are eager to harness its potential. This is how Integrella guides companies in the process.

4 Sep 2020

Integrella Featured In Report On Digital Transformation: Delivering The Promise Of Digital

Many traditional companies hope that digital transformation can reverse their fortunes and unleash exciting possibilities, but few understand what is

24 Feb 2020

APIs Can Make Or Break M&A Deals

The true value of an enterprise is not its systems, assets, products or people, but its data. The surge in

15 Jul 2019

Meet The ISO 20022 Standard

Whether you’re involved in payments processing or not, you may have some questions about the change to the new ISO

26 Jun 2019

Delivering APIs and Microservices Faster

Develop the velocity required to help your business prosper and grow. Find out how to go faster without sacrificing quality.

15 May 2019

Three Digital Transformation Tips for Asset Management Executives

Tips for asset management executives depending on where they are with their digital strategy.

1 May 2019

Small banks. Big challenges. We can help.

The digitalization of the banking industry presents both threats and opportunities for the UK’s smaller banks. The most successful of

1 May 2019

Integrella launches new branding with emphasis on Digital Integration

We’re delighted to launch our updated branding and website this week! We’ve got a new logo, and we’ve changed the

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