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Integrella has established a reputation for delivering transformative solutions with outstanding results. Our emphasis is on providing cost-effective and seamless technology that will supercharge your company’s growth. Success in IT goes beyond mere support. An impactful, high-return technology strategy demands effective leadership and informed decision-making. With Integrellas Vendor Licensed Solution and Integration services, we formulate and implement a roadmap to achieve success.

Why Our Clients Choose Integrella for Integration Services 

✔ Agile Integration, development and project methodology 

✔ API strategy and microservices consulting solutions offerings 

✔ Authorized Intersystems Partner 

✔Collaborative, transparent and communicative client-focused approach 

✔Competitive rates for integration architects, developers and consultants

✔ Cross functional team of experts based across UK, India and UAE 

✔Rigorous quality assurance testing before Go Lives

✔Shorter integration development times, translating to lower costs for clients 

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Our Expertise

API Integration

Connect your applications effortlessly with our robust API integration solutions.

Cloud Integration

Leverage the power of the cloud with our integration expertise.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Achieve operational efficiency by integrating your enterprise applications. 

Data Integration

Our data integration services help centralise and synchronise data from multiple systems, providing a unified view for informed decision-making.

Middleware Integration

We enable efficient data exchange and interoperability, optimising your business processes

Custom Integration Solutions

Facilitate seamless communication between disparate systems through our middleware integration solutions.

EPR Integration 

We support a range of interoperability capabilities for either fully integrating third party systems or providing access to data or communicating with other systems using data exchange techniques. 

Managed Service 

We can remotely manages a customer's information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems

Technical Project Management

Guiding tech visions to tangible victories. Expertise in project management that ensures timely delivery and technical excellence.

EPR Transitions

One of the UK's leading organisations offering EPR integration as part of EPR transitions

Let us help you integrate with your clinical system

We support a range of interoperability capabilities for either fully integrating third party systems or providing access to data or communicating with other systems using data exchange techniques. 

Advise. Build. Run.

In the ever-changing IT industry, the Advise, Build, Run approach provides a structured framework for IT projects. We have experience working across every stage and we systematically address various aspects of a project lifecycle, from initial consultation and planning to implementation and ongoing support. It helps us deliver comprehensive IT solutions that align with the client's needs while also ensuring that the implemented systems continue to operate efficiently over time.


In this initial phase, the focus is on understanding the client’s needs, challenges, and objectives. Consultants or IT experts engage with the client to gather requirements, analyse the existing systems or processes, and provide strategic advice or recommendations. The goal is to define the scope of the project, identify potential solutions, and create a roadmap or plan for implementation. We can assist with everything from creating a strategic roadmap to advising on vendor selection processes.

The advise process lays the groundwork for the subsequent stages of the project. Its thoroughness and accuracy significantly influence the success of the project, as it guides the direction and scope of the implementation phase (Build) and the ongoing operations and support phase (Run). This phase ensures that the solutions proposed align closely with the client’s goals and needs, setting the stage for a successful project execution.


Once we have built a strategy and established a roadmap, the project moves into the build phase. This phase involves the actual implementation of the proposed solutions or systems. It includes activities such as designing, developing, configuring, and integrating IT solutions tailored to meet our client’s requirements. The emphasis is on creating the technology infrastructure or applications according to the agreed-upon plan.


After the solutions are built and implemented, the focus shifts to the run phase. This stage involves the ongoing operation, maintenance, and support of the systems or services delivered. It includes activities such as monitoring system performance, providing technical support, troubleshooting issues, applying updates or patches, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the implemented solutions.

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Our Clients

We prioritise our clients’ unique needs and goals. By closely working with them, we tailor solutions for maximum value, fostering strong, innovative, and lasting relationships to ensure their satisfaction and success.

Our Integration Projects

We cannot speak highly enough about Integrellas knowledge, professionalism.

We couldn't have selected a more agile and skilful company to work alongside as Integrella have always been enthusiastic about going that step beyond

The Integrella team are a hugely dedicated bunch. 

They have become personally invested in the success of the encompass programme. No ask, big or small, is ever a trouble for them.

Choosing our supplier of integration technology was more than a transaction. 

It was a commitment to innovation. Working with them was a seamless journey of collaboration, where their expertise met our aspirations.

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esteemed client
has to say

Quotation marks

The implementation is much better than what was in place previously.

Because of how it has been built, any new "systems" can be brought on more easily in future. We are delighted with the attention to detail and thoughtfulness of how it has been built.

Profile Photo

Ian Willis, Head of IT

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Quotation marks

Key to success of the delivery of the encompass programme has been the cohesive working relationship encompass have developed with Integrella, who provide Interfacing resource and expertise, following successful contracting. Working with the HSCNI encompass team the relationships developed have helped foster a team environment which has contributed to the overall success of the encompass Interfacing team. Often Integrella staff go above and beyond to troubleshoot issues, solve problems and deliver solutions often sacrificing personal time to do so. In addition, the technical knowledge of Integrella has helped facilitate encompass to deploy a fully resilient interoperability architecture fit for purpose. We truly value our relationship with Integrella and believe that the cornerstone of our joint success has been partnership and mutual respect.

Profile Photo

Mark Wilson, Senior Project Manager


Quotation marks

We needed a solutions partner to take on an application in advanced functionality development but far from a safe steady state. Integrella did so, reversed engineered, analysed and provided what we needed to agree a series of priority-based sprints to get us to our safe go-live.
The approach was agile in every sense, excellent interpretation of functional requirements, daily ‘stand-ups’ so nothing drifted, problem and solution focussed at all times, direct contact with both the project management and development teams.
‘Partner of choice’ might be a cliché phrase. Much used or not it sums up my view of Integrella. We continue to work with the team as our application support provider. Would I work with Integrella on other projects? Of course. Would I recommend their approach, their people and their delivery? Absolutely yes

Profile Photo

Simon Cordon, SARC Manager

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (The Havens)

Quotation marks

I'm very impressed by the speed and quality of the work. A big thank you to the team.

Profile Photo

Dennis Lafitte, Chief Information Officer

Kings College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Quotation marks

We started working with Integrella in May 2021 when we wanted to launch a new electronic patient record system to replace the 200-plus paper and computer systems we were previously used. We worked alongside an incredibly knowledgeable, agile team who were able to answer our queries whilst liaising with over 50 other clinical software vendors to successfully migrate 116 interfaces.
Integrella’s project delivered numerous important benefits to the Trust including improved workflows, improved Quality of Care and Improved Data Analytics and Reporting. I would say that the Integrella team were very professional, quick to help when we required assistance, completed the required tasks in a timely manner, they were easy to communicate with and we all found them extremely friendly.

Profile Photo

Suhi Paul, EPR Manager

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Quotation marks

The Integrella team quickly integrated into our team, they understood our architecture, digital/cloud technologies and agile methodology.
Most importantly they had the right can-do culture which made them an excellent fit for Imagine Learning.
Imagine Learning has ambitious plans which Integrella will play a large part in by assisting us to help scale out our agile teams to deliver them

Profile Photo

Alan Barrow, CDO

Imagine Learning

Quotation marks

We cannot speak highly enough about Integrellas knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to our projects. We couldn't have selected a more agile and skilful company to work alongside as Integrella have always been enthusiastic about going that step beyond.

Profile Photo

Itzik Levy, CEO


Quotation marks

The project went live on time and within budget, which was an achievement considering the strict timeframe to deliver by the end of the year. Without the Integrella contribution it is questionable whether this would have been the case.

Profile Photo

Credit Risk Project Manager

Investment Bank 

Quotation marks

Integrella are valued partners and have been key to the success of the migration to a cloud based architecture. The team not only deliver on the technical aspects, but take the time to understand our business and challenge the status quo, to provide the correct solutions. Integrella have a fantastic support capability and go the extra mile when we need them most.

Profile Photo

Brett Pierce, Integration Technical Lead

Standard Bank (Offshore Jersey)

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