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Building Blocks for Investment Apps and Custom Software – Configurable to your needs

Fundations transforms exploration and analysis of global financial products with a unified, customisable, interactive, flexible, and cohesive financial products discovery and reporting solution.

Choose from a set of discrete components that can be plugged into any system estate, easily configured, and customised to client need. From scale-ups digital products to enterprise custom solutions, Fundations components provide optimised access to Morningstar financial research data and information.

Why Fundations? 

✔ Push boundaries by integrating other custom data sets and leveraging conversational AI capabilities

✔ Simplicity of design, advanced features with high levels of customisation and configuration

✔ Fast to Market for comprehensive, real-time access to Morningstar data and research

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Effortlessly discover and pinpoint Morningstar extensive and comprehensive global fund data with robust search, discovery, and advanced filtering functionalities using our Fund Screener.

Fundations intuitive search functionality empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring that your financial strategies align seamlessly with your aspirations.

Search on anything, save your favourites – tailor information displayed to your needs. Uncover funds tailored to your risk appetite and investment goals or explore a spectrum of securities to build a robust portfolio.  


Unlock the power of informed decision-making with our comprehensive and configurable Security Reporting.

Dive deep into trends, analyse key indicators, and gain valuable insights to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

Stay ahead in the market with actionable intelligence and expert analysis, ensuring your financial success is not just a goal but a reality. 


Elevate your portfolio management experience with our cutting-edge Portfolio Manager.

Unleash the power of real-time insights and personalised information that empower you to navigate the dynamic world of investments with confidence.

Easily build your portfolio information in the format you want, for your needs – without the need for IT. Experience a new era of portfolio management – smart, efficient, and tailored to your financial success. 

Current Innovations: Our
Cutting-Edge Technologies

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Morningstar a leading provider of independent investment insights, announced launched Direct Web Services, a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) that packages Morningstar’s data, research, and calculation engines for financial services firms to use in their own digital solutions.We have built a platform, Fundations, which will assist individuals and the professionals plan, save and invest to reach their financial goals, by using Morningstars trusted, relevant information. Fundations will help provide a highly customisable view into Morningstars extensive and comprehensive research and data, with the option to extend with other custom data. 

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