15 Jan 2018

Retail 2018 – Integrella’s Top Picks For Retail Events

Happy new year! We wish you a very happy and successful 2018. To start the year, we wanted to share with you some of the Retail Tech events on our radar, plus a synopsis of key discussion points in UK retail right now. Please be sure to get in touch if you’re interested in discussing our retail offerings, or our work in Digital Transformation and API Management. ​Also check out our blogpost about the importance of ESBs and SOA for retail agility. In the meantime we look forward to catching up in the coming months.​

Retail Week Live / 7-8 March / London

Retail Week Live has been around for 25 years – as a place for British retailers to talk about the present and the future while learning from the past. They boast attendance from 100% of the top 10, 90% of the top 20 and 60% of the top 100 in the UK. The event runs a few difference areas, with ‘Launchpad’ for all emerging tech and retail startups, ‘General Counsel’ for all things legal, ‘Financial District’ for finance teams and ‘Live Late’ for the socialites.

Retail Without Borders / 15 March / London

Retail Without Borders is focused on bringing together established international retailers with world leading global marketplaces. The emphasis will be on learning how to accelerate your global online sales, boost international brand awareness, navigate local customs, international shipping and language barriers, as well as hear case studies from the field of international ecommerce. Online big-hitter and former Alibaba Vice-President, Porter Erisman, has just been announced as keynote speaker. The event website also hosts some interesting global marketplace insights which are worth a look.

Internet Retailing Expo / 21-22 March / Birmingham 

This is the UK’s biggest dedicated multichannel event, combining InternetRetailing Expo and eDelivery Expo. The idea is to offer the visitor a programme with a complete range of products and services essential to drive multichannel retail performance. The event presents three areas called the Digital Payments Theatre, Omnichannel Theatre and the Innovation Hub.

RBTE / 15-16 March / London

Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) is for retail and hospitality organisations looking for the right tools, solutions, innovations and advice on how to best run their business. The event typically attracts attendees from across the globe. RBTE will be co-located with the Retail Design Expo and Retail Digital Signage Expo, and is free to attend for the retail industry. It is relevant for all job roles responsible for taking or influencing purchasing decisions, including IT, eCommerce, payments, marketing, loss prevention, finance, supply chain, profit protection, operations, HR and security.

VR World / 22-23 May / London

A multi-sector event, VR World 2018 is a conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and its impact beyond gaming. With keynotes and panel discussions from those redefining the boundaries for technology and using immersive technologies to shape and develop the way we work, play and learn. Attendees can expect to learn: Where we are now with immersive technologies, where we’re going, and how big this can get / The commercial and economic opportunity of VR/AR/MR / Top investment tips and opportunities / Best practice use cases and what we’ve learnt so far / Whether we will reach mass adoption, and if so, when? / What challenges will need to be overcome?

Most industries will be impacted by Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality, with early adopters seeing benefits of rolling out VR as a tool in industries and marketplaces including Sales / Education / Healthcare / Entertainment / Retail / Automotive / Advertising / Tourism / Hospitality / Real Estate / Sports / Construction / Training Manufacturing / Entertainment / Logistics / Defence / Energy and more.

Tech. / 12-13 September / London 

Tech. focuses on digital retailing and the technology driving it. The event is specifically for retailers, tech suppliers, start-ups, investors and analysts to join forces to work out how they will thrive in digital revolution. The agenda is still to be confirmed, and they are calling for content from disruptive thinkers – from companies that are revolutionising their industries, and tech firms creating the most innovative products.

We hope you found this useful! Please get in touch if we can be of any further assistance​.