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28 Sep 2021

Siloed data: everything you need to know

Siloed data is a real issue when it comes to operational efficiency. Clients often come to us seeking an integrated

24 Aug 2021

What’s the big deal about Cloud?

We’ve all heard of cloud computing and it’s rare now to find a business who doesn’t have at least some

27 Jul 2021

Top 3 API trends you need to know

One thing that’s been certified in these uncertain times, is the necessity for quick, reliable and secure technology. With the

24 Jun 2021

Data Sharing: 3 Things to Consider

Data sharing done the right way is a driver of innovation, competition and economic growth. It’s not uncommon for clients

15 Apr 2021

Are you an NHS Trust looking to automate your ERS processes?

We’ve started doing work with an NHS Trust around the automation of the processes of their Electronic Referral System (ERS). Typically, most

31 Mar 2021

NICE Actimize: here to solve your toughest risk and compliance challenges

With the scale of financial crimes growing each year (around £479 million was lost in 2020 to scams where people

15 Mar 2021

“Who would do systems integration for their own amusement?”

Good question Arthur… systems integration is a really niche skillset to have, so we can’t expect everyone to know what it is.

3 Jan 2021

[VIDEO] Why Is Digital Transformation So Difficult?

In this video we unpack some typical reasons digital transformation is so difficult.

20 Nov 2020

Growth, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction – Digital Transformation and Your KPIs

If you’re in charge of your company’s digital transformation, you probably have Growth, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction KPIs on your

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