13 Dec 2017

Our work with NHS Global Digital Exemplars

We’re excited to be working with a number of NHS Trusts at present, contributing to the very important work they do.

Recently, we’ve been engaging with a number of Global Digital Exemplars, working with them so they derive all the benefits from the profile and budget which have been promised to them under this scheme.

The GDEs have made a number of commitments to NHS England:

  1. To match-fund the central money they are awarded. This can be in cash or in kind.
  2. To work with partners. They have been encouraged to find organisations that use the same IT systems and operate within a similar environment addressing similar strategic situations. They should have demonstrated leadership and have delivered progress through exceptional use of information technology.
  3. To partner with other hospitals as their “Fast Followers”. They should develop blueprints of insights and their own deployment experience and core technical build of their system, and work with their Fast Follower organisation to implement these blueprints.

The purpose of this third point is to minimise the costly replication and ‘learning from scratch’ that often seems to happen in Trusts.

Reusable templates

Clearly, if reusable templates are conceived this will create economies of scale that can be employed by Trusts on a wider spectrum to drive efficiencies. Done effectively, it would increase NHS expertise in large-scale system deployments and reduce future implementation costs significantly. At Integrella we find this third point particularly interesting, as we have a role to play in this ‘blueprinting’ of processes, particularly given our experience delivering a large majority of the clinical systems used in Trusts today and our templated, best practice delivery methodology for these.

Automated delivery methodology

It is clear that Trusts are under significant pressure to deliver a large number of projects within a limited timeframe in addition to their BAU activities. With this in mind, Integrella have developed an automated delivery methodology to drive significant efficiencies through the delivery process. This incorporates various tools to ensure they have more control over deployments, in addition multiple developers can work on the same project using a shared repository, and software is thoroughly tested and is released with minimal risk.

We’re proud to be closely involved with a number of NHS Trusts, including GDE’s and Fast Followers, and we’d welcome the opportunity to share our experience with any others who feel they could benefit from our collaborative approach to delivering critical integration projects in the NHS.

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