20 Feb 2024

Integrella Develops a Seamless Integration Service for a Global Recruitment Firm

In 2020, a global recruitment outsourcing firm, headquartered in London with an annual turnover of circa £1bn, partnered with Integrella to enhance its data sharing capabilities. The collaboration aimed to develop a robust API-led data sharing strategy and implement an API platform, along with targeted solutions. This initiative also embraced a continuous delivery model to swiftly deliver high-quality solutions.

Business Problem

This company had been sharing data between its enterprise systems through inefficient point-to-point methods, resulting in duplicate data entry, isolated systems, manual data transfers through tools like Excel and email, and insecure handling of data containing personal information. This led to poor process execution, compromised data integrity, and inaccurate reporting. They recognized the need for a modern, streamlined data sharing approach that could also serve its clients and leverage cloud-native technologies.

Services & Approach

Integrella provided advisory and implementation services to address these challenges:

  • Advisory Services: This began with an 8-week due diligence phase, examining People, Process, and Technology, culminating in an API strategy based on the findings. The advisory services set the stage for the transformation journey.
  • Implementation Services: The implementation phase included an 8-week discovery period to shape and plan the deployment of an API platform and associated APIs. Integrella used modern delivery practices like Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps, combined with expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS). A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was delivered, followed by a Target Operating Model (TOM) for continuous delivery using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFEe). Integrella’s India Delivery Centre (IDC) and UK Delivery Centre (UKDC) collaborated to create an optimal team.

Their CTO commented:

“Choosing our supplier of integration technology was more than a transaction; it was a commitment to innovation. Working with Integrella was a seamless journey of collaboration, where their expertise met our aspirations, and together, we built a solution that connected possibilities.

Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our objectives, actively engaging in constructive dialogue and problem-solving to ensure a harmonious implementation.. Together, we navigated the complexities of integration with confidence, creating a seamless and efficient technological ecosystem.”

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Outcomes & Benefits

Several key outcomes and business benefits were achieved:

  • Modern Data Sharing: They adopted a contemporary API-led principles for internal and external data sharing, enhancing efficiency and security.
  • Continuous Delivery: The integration of modern continuous delivery practices allowed them to accelerate change delivery at a lower cost compared to typical API gateway products, reducing risks associated with slow implementations.
  • Improved Data Sharing Capabilities: They gained a clear understanding of its data sharing capabilities and a roadmap for continuous improvement.
  • Advisory Services: Integrella provided a comprehensive API strategy report outlining findings, recommendations, and a multi-year roadmap for their data sharing maturity journey. This covered all aspects of People, Process, and Technology, guiding the company from an immature state to a mature one in data sharing.
  • Implementation Services: The MVP implementation of the API platform resulted in a set of targeted solutions for specific business problems. Five internal data sharing use cases were addressed with secure and scalable APIs. The platform leveraged AWS and various cloud-native technologies, enabling adoption of modern API Management principles. Integrella continued to work closely with the company following the defined plan to design and deliver ongoing solutions onto the API platform.

The partnership between us successfully modernised data sharing, increased efficiency, and reduced costs while enhancing data security. They now have a clear roadmap for ongoing data sharing improvement, guided by a comprehensive API strategy. This approach leveraged modern technologies and continuous delivery practices to achieve these benefits.