5 Feb 2024

Integrella plays key role in HSCNI digital transformation with Encompass go-live

Integrella, a leader in digital transformation services, are playing a pivotal role in the largest IT overhaul in Northern Ireland’s healthcare history. Partnering with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (SEHSCT), Integrella have been integral to the execution of the Encompass programme, aimed at revolutionising healthcare services across the region.


The Encompass initiative, a landmark in Northern Ireland’s healthcare, is a comprehensive project designed to implement the Epic Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system across all healthcare services. SEHSCT is leading this initiative, setting a precedent for country-wide adoption of a digital healthcare system.

Integrella’s role has been crucial in deploying the necessary interfaces for the Epic EPR system, ensuring seamless integration with existing healthcare applications. This includes developing and managing interfaces between Epic and critical systems not directly replaced, moving towards a fully digitised healthcare record system.

Mark Wilson, HSCNI Project Manager said, “Key to success of the delivery of the encompass programme has been the cohesive working relationship encompass have developed with Integrella, who provide Interfacing resource and expertise, following successful contracting. Working with the HSCNI encompass team the relationships developed have helped foster a team environment which has contributed to the overall success of the encompass Interfacing team.”

The successful implementation of this programme is anticipated to bring numerous benefits, including the eradication of paper records, enhanced data accuracy, streamlined healthcare processes, and improved patient care efficiency. This transformation signifies a significant leap towards an advanced, digital-first healthcare system in Northern Ireland.

The collaboration between Integrella and the SEHSCT, as part of the encompass team, has been instrumental in the programme’s success. Roger Long from Integrella stated, “This collaboration is a chance for our team at Integrella to make a significant impact on an entire nation’s healthcare system.”

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Reflecting on the partnership’s importance, Marcus Davies, Integrella CEO commented, “This partnership marks Integrella’s first national-scale project, representing a significant milestone in our journey. Collaborating with HSCNI on one of the largest Epic implementations to date has been a remarkable experience, showcasing our capability to handle projects of this magnitude with excellence.”

Integrella’s involvement in this groundbreaking project not only underlines its commitment to digital excellence in healthcare but also sets a precedent for future healthcare transformations. The ongoing progression of the Encompass programme across Northern Ireland promises a new era of digitised, efficient, and patient-centred healthcare services.