4 Mar 2020

We’re excited to announce our presence in India

We’re delighted to announce the establishment of an Indian entity to enable an excellent team of consultants who will provide cutting-edge offshore capability for our customers.

This news follows the 2019 launch of our Digital Integration Platform and API Lab which gives customers the ability to unlock the value in existing data and processes while going on the journey to digital.

We’ve invested in our global team steadily over the last few years to keep up with our digital aspirations for 2020 and beyond. We continue to develop our nearshore team, while our London team goes from strength to strength building existing and new business relationships across industries in the UK.

We look forward to the continued growth of our company and enhancing our digital integration capabilities to deliver the best services for our clients.

According to Marcus Davies, Integrella CEO, “I feel confident that this development will set us up to deliver better and more globally competitive solutions for our growing customer base. The success of our Digital Integration Platform and API Lab has created a need for more and new capabilities amongst our team, and I’m delighted to start a new part of our global journey.”

We look forward to introducing the team soon!