1 Jun 2017

NHS Trusts Benefit From InterSystems Health Connect

Here’s how Integrella can help customers implement HealthShare Health Connect – and derive benefits quickly.

Well over half of NHS Trusts rely on InterSystems Ensemble as their ESB and TIE. Some of those which have licensed HealthShare Health Connect have not yet implemented it, which is a shame because those Trusts are starving themselves of the extra functionality which can alleviate some of their current problems. They would also be missing out on a number of valuable features which include:

  • Certified standards-based interoperability
  • Business process and workflow management
  • Data transformation
  • Event detection and monitoring
  • Scalability and security
  • Visual diagnostics and auditing

Integrella has provided upgrades to many Ensemble clients and generally find that they are many years behind the latest revision. These Trusts are often not following best practice, and have cultivated bad habits which leave the system in an inefficient state – hard to maintain, and unable to perform to its peak. They may also find it hard to find staff who the older versions.

Significant benefits to be gained

In this type of scenario, there are a number of options available which range from a simple upgrading to the latest revision, to doing a more comprehensive overview and remodelling the environment. On the side of the spectrum, undertaking a simple “as is” migration to the latest revision means that any poor architecture and bad business practices may continue until the discrepancy between the current version and next latest version again becomes an issue. On the other side, if the architecture of the whole environment is remodelled it brings a number of significant benefits:

  • It would be possible to consider the best approach to high availability and new hardware
  • It becomes possible to impose best practice and suitable governance
  • The combination of the above can lead to continuous integration, continuous delivery and an operational DevOps environment
  • New software can be checked in, tested automatically and put into production rapidly
  • Software can be kept up to date to the benefit of all parties

As a long-term business partner of InterSystems, we’ve put together a suite of migration service packages which can be offered to Ensemble clients to help bring the benefits of HealthShare Health Connect to their organisation.

Service packages to suit you

  1. Upgrade on the same hardware and minimal testing
  2. Upgrade on new hardware and extensive comparator testing
  3. Upgrade on new hardware with architecture and source code review
  4. Upgrade on new hardware and implement best practice

These options deliver a number numerous benefits, over different periods of time, and to suit all infrastructures and budgets.

Contact Integrella to discuss detailed specs for each of these packages.

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