7 Dec 2023

Enhancing e-learning with innovative features

Remote learning has come a long way since the word ‘e-learning’ was coined in 1999 – when the first online course was opened. 2020/21 saw a huge acceleration in e-learning, and we were at the centre of it working on integration projects for an educational institution who needed to update their online platform to keep students engaged.

We have worked closely with clients within the sector, including Twig Education, to implement the latest innovative learning features, including assigned lesson modules. Our work has ensured that students remain motivated when working remotely, by igniting curiosity and making assignment work straight forward.

Let’s look at how all educational institutions can enhance their e-learning platforms, through examples of some of the latest cutting-edge e-learning features.

Helping students with learning difficulties

The lack of face-to-face communication between student and teacher can be detrimental to those students with reading difficulties. A feature called ReadSpeaker reads out content to student, instead of them reading it – making the learning experience easier and preventing them falling behind their peers.

Assigned lesson modules

These modules allow teachers to organise content so the course flows. They automatically show up on student dashboards, with the due date for completion so students can prioritise based on deadlines. The modules improve the effectiveness of assignments and check student progress. Teachers can share, view, edit, close and revoke access of student assignments when they see fit.

Turn-in assignments

This feature encourages collaboration between the student and teacher, with students able to ‘turn-in’ their assignments for teachers to review. Teachers receive a notification and see progress indicators for each assigned lesson. This allows them to track student progression and work with those who may be lagging.

You can read about how we implemented a selection of these features for Twig Education, to help them provide e-learning to new US districts here.

Enhancing communication through mobile apps

The pandemic has seen a rise in educational mobile apps, which enable institutions to reach out to all students at one time. School communication apps make it possible to send information to every student, such as class schedules, online conferences, or social activities.

E-learning has come a long way and features are constantly evolving to create the best learning experience. The future will likely see adaptive e-learning, which will see training materials adapt to each student, depending on their skillset, making it a personalised experience.

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