1 May 2019

Integrella launches new branding with emphasis on Digital Integration

We’re delighted to launch our updated branding and website this week!

We’ve got a new logo, and we’ve changed the look of the website to create a cleaner and more contemporary feel. We’re emphasising our new focus on ‘digital integration’- a term we’ve coined to describe what we do more accurately.

We’ve also reinvigorated the way we package our services. While our consultancy, support, managed service, project management execution and specialist resourcing still exist, we’ve now grouped them into three main categories: Advise, Execute and Run. We feel this more accurately reflects the offerings our customers want from us.

The new logo retains the square and circle from the old Integrella logo, representing our foundation of over 10 years in enterprise integration. The new shapes, colours and the term ‘digital integration’ refer to our expanded offerings in the digital sphere. We’re going to be talking about this much more in future, as well as hosting events around aspects of this topic.

We continue to build on our established integration expertise as we support large digital programmes at leading global brands and within the public sector and NHS, by leveraging API Management, Microservices, Cloud-Native and DevOps.

We’re holding a number of events under our #DigitalBandwagon banner over the coming months, including webinars and face-to-face events. We’re keen to share our insights on digital integration with old and new contacts alike, and to find out how we can help our customers. Stay up to date via our website and all our social channels – or contact us if you’d like to know more.

We hope to connect with you soon!