20 Nov 2023


Carpetright is a leader in the carpet and bedding industry in the United Kingdom and Europe, boasting fast turnaround times and a fully integrated, user-friendly business model. Since their founding in 1988, Carpetright has become a ubiquitous name in fast service, quality, and selection.

The lynchpin to their success has been the successful implementation of mission critical middleware in their IT business solutions. The Group Head of IT at Carpetright commented on the critical nature of middleware in their own operations:

“In today’s market, everybody is looking for an edge, something that is going to differentiate them from their competitors. What middleware enables us to do is link all our key ordering, replenishment, financial and reporting systems together to get a near real time flow of data. We can therefore fulfil our customer orders much quicker. For Carpetright, effective middleware enables us to serve the customer better, and much faster than we were able to before.”

Better integration equals better customer experience

Integrella has made significant middleware changes that are improving the customer service interactions of Carpetright’s insurance programme. Now insurance partners are benefiting from  automated ordering functions that facilitate and speed up the process for insurance adjusters while assessing damages.

“ Integrella has enabled us to work in a much more automated way with our partners. It’s helping to reduce costs of manual data entry and providing a timelier passing of data between the systems. From the insurance company point of view, for them to be able to put data almost straight on to our systems is helping to reduce lead times. The end result is improved customer service and the ability to fulfil orders even more quickly. And when you enhance the customer experience, it ultimately leads to increased customer loyalty and, at the end of the day, increased sales.”

This improvement allows Carpetright to provide a valuable service to their partners and customers, since the amount of time a customer is without a carpet has now been reduced in such a way that is highly beneficial for both Carpetright and their insurance partners. This new level of service will undoubtedly generate more business for Carpetright.

“I appreciate Integrella’s willingness to help out not only in integration areas.  We’ve found them to be accommodating and supportive in the way we wanted to plan and model how our service contract was going to look. Also, taking time to come on-site, to do thorough reviews, to make sure that the contract is living up to expectations – we found that to be incredibly useful.  It’s not something that we’ve really had previously from our last support partner. With Integrella, it’s about the whole package. It’s not just about support – it’s about looking out for us, it’s about making sure that we’re aware of things coming up, and some more pro-active aspects that we can now start looking into.”

About Integrella

Integrella is a specialist IT services company with extensive experience across UK sectors. Our services include consulting, development, delivery, support and resourcing. We deliver our solutions by partnering with top vendors in the industry.

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